Did you know that 25% of women and 40% of men suffer from alopecia, popularly known as hair loss, even before reaching 40? After that age, the problem tends to intensify even more.

According to experts, it is normal to lose 100 to 150 hairs daily. This is because our scalp alternates constantly between three phases: anagen (hair growth), catagen (pause) and telogen (hair loss).

But when the volume of falling hair exceeds this limit, it is a sign that we must be aware, because there is something wrong with our hair health.

People often think that genetics is to blame for these problems. But there are other factors, related to lifestyle, that also influence the issue. Today we will explain what are the main causes of hair loss among men and women.

1) GENETICS : There is a myth that maternal genetics is responsible for baldness, but this is not true. If there are cases on the paternal side of the family, you are in danger of inheriting the problem as well. Existing on both sides, the risk factor increases. Even if your father and mother have a lot of hair, you are not 100% sure, because sometimes baldness can skip generations.

2) NUTRITIONAL : Another common cause of alopecia is the nutritional factor. A poor diet can lead to deficiency in certain important nutrients, especially ferritin, causing anemia. This will weaken your hair and thus it will fall out faster. There is also the possibility that you will eat well and your body will not absorb vitamins properly. In this case, the doctor must prescribe an oral supplement.

3) EMOTIONAL: In an increasingly busy world, the stress factor is one of the great villains of hair health. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, the chance of having hair loss is greatly increased. And, if you have the genetic factor, the emotional one can speed up the process and make baldness manifest earlier.

4) HORMONAL : Hormonal change is another element that can cause alopecia. Even more so when the hormones affected are androgens, such as testosterone. When there is a sudden increase in this substance in our body, the tendency is for hair loss, whether in men or women.

5) EXTERNAL FACTORS: The excess heat caused by the dryer, flat iron or hot bath intensifies the fall of the hair strands. In addition, hairstyles with a lot of traction (such as a bun or braid) are harmful to hair health. And finally, there is the issue of products. If you use too much chemistry, it weakens your hair. But the opposite extreme is also dangerous. If you have oily hair and do not use a shampoo suitable for it, the strands will fall out more.

These are the top five causes of alopecia: genetic, nutritional, emotional, hormonal and external factors. They can cause hair loss alone and, when there is a sum of the factors, the problem is usually more serious.