Myths and truths about hair loss

The excessive hair loss is a condition that scares many people. Experts say it is normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day, but when we see that this drop has been constant and quite intense, it is necessary to seek help. After all what is the reason for hair loss? How can we avoid it? The DermaClub interviewed his team of dermatologists, who explained the best ways to treat the complication.

1. Why does the hair fall out?

You may not know it, but every hair has a cycle of growth and fall. However, when its entire structure is weakened – from the root to the ends – the wires break and tend to fall even outside the fall phase. Such a problem usually happens in people who do many chemical procedures , for example. But in addition to local factors, the fall may also be related to health issues, such as lack of vitamins, stress, anemia, hormones and seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff).

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2. What are the causes of hair loss?

According to dermatologist Gabriella Albuquerque, from Rio de Janeiro, hair loss can happen due to several factors. The dermatologist also says that it is important to constantly observe the movement of your hair, as most falls do not happen exactly when the triggering factor is occurring, the consequences appear after three months of the episode in question.

2. 1. Dryer and flat iron: provide breakage and hair loss, especially for people with weaker and thinner hair. If you have noticed that you are losing a lot of hair with the flat iron and the dryer, stop using it immediately.

2. 2. Stress: it can cause intense hair loss . This problem can happen after physical and emotional trauma, after pregnancy or some diseases and infections.

2. 3. Chemical procedures: if you made a progressive brush, relax, painted or discolored the locks and are losing a lot of hair, the ideal is to take a break from these procedures and adopt a hair care routine.

2. 4. Diseases of the scalp: alopecia, folliculitis, seborrheic dermatitis are diseases that cause hair loss. If you notice flaws in the scalp, seek a dermatologist as soon as possible to resolve the problem.

3. What is alopecia?

Dr. Gabriella explains: “ The disease is characterized by the reduction of hair, which can be caused by hair loss or a decrease in its appearance”, he explained. In this case, it is essential to notice if you are just losing your hair or if you are not born new. The problem usually causes major flaws in the region, leaving the scalp exposed.

4. Hair loss after pregnancy

During pregnancy, hormonal changes cause natural hair loss to decrease. After the baby is born, about three months after delivery, all the hormones are normalized and all that hair that didn’t fall out when you were pregnant finally starts to fall out.

5. Can dandruff cause hair loss?

Yes, it can and this is due to the inflammatory condition of the scalp. Dr Lilia Guadanhim, from São Paulo, clarifies: “We also often observe that patients who already suffer from hair loss are afraid to wash their hair and end up having a worsening of the dandruff and the loss of the hair is even worse”, he tried.

5. Warning signs for hair loss

Drª. Gabriella says that we must always observe the moments when the hair falls. “It is important to note if tufts are appearing on the pillow or on the floor where in our house, especially in the bedroom”. If this is happening to you, the ideal is to seek a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment.

6. Products to control hair loss:

– Anti-fall shampoo
– Exfoliating shampoo
– Hydration mask
– Hair cleansing cream
– Hydration
ampoule – Anti-fall and break conditioner

7. Myths and truths about hair loss

7. 1. Or does the use of antique shampoo not work?

True, but it is not the only solution . Dermatologist Sineida Berbert, from Paraná, explains that the anti-hair loss shampoo is an excellent adjunct in the treatment of hair loss. Along with it, it is often necessary to bet on a topical or oral medication.

7. 2. Can stress cause hair loss?

Truth. The professional explains that stress is one of the main causes of hair loss. “In stressful situations there is a greater secretion of the hormone cortisol, leading to greater hair loss,” he said.

7. 3. Contrary to what they say, chemistry cannot cause the hair to fall?

Myth . “The use of coloring, straightening and progressive, as well as the hairdryer and flat iron, can lead to hair loss, as well as they can produce a process of contact dermatitis and induce hair loss”, said the dermatologist.

* Specialist dermatologists are consulted as journalistic sources and do not use this space to promote any product or brand. To find out what is the ideal treatment for your skin, consult a dermatologist from the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.