It takes away sleep (even more than lack of money). But sometimes you can mitigate or reverse the problem and regain the strength of the hair with the right care and products.

Although genetic inheritance plays the main role in the drama of hair loss (the notorious alopecia), it has several other causes, much simpler and easier to solve. Bad eating habits, stress, dandruff, excess oil on the scalp and even cigarettes and alcohol compromise healthy hair growth .

If your tendency to baldness does not come from family inheritance (the so-called androgenetic alopecia, which is more complicated to treat), you can have control over the situation. Check out five tactics suggested by hairdresser Édison Soares, from the Sexton salon, in Porto Alegre.


1. Use shampoo and anti-hair loss lotion

No product works miracles, but the weakening of the hair can be a result of lack of nutrients and even inflammation in the scalp. “Shampoos and lotions contain actives such as vitamins and amino acids that fight fungi and nourish roots and hair, making the hair thick and thick,” says Édison. The sooner you start using one of these products, the better the results, explains the hairdresser.

2. Wash your hair every day

Contrary to what is heard out there, washing your head daily does not cause hair loss or any other problem on the scalp. Worse is leaving your hair impregnated with oil, sweat and pollution – this does contribute to dandruff and the weakening of hair bulbs, which are suffocated under so much dirt. “The care is always to use mild shampoo , formulated for daily use”, emphasizes Édison.

3. Rinse the shampoo twice

As we usually have short hair, common blunder is to shampoo once and think that the job is well done. “The first wash does not clean thoroughly, it only spreads dirt on the threads; only the second completely removes oiliness ”, explains Édison. It is not for nothing that the labels of shampoos always have that recommendation: “repeat the operation”.

4. No brute force

Scrubbing the scalp vigorously is not good for your hair. Instead. “Using a lot of force activates the sebaceous glands, which start to produce more oil, leaving the hair dirty ahead of time”, warns the hairdresser. Apply the shampoo to wet hair and make gentle maneuvers, lightly massaging the head with your fingertips.

5. Remove waste from modelers

Like dirt and oil, the remains of chemical substances in the finishing products (gel, ointment, paste, wax) also accumulate in the hair bulbs. If the product is one of those very cheap, worse, warns Édison Soares. So you should avoid collapsing in bed after a night out without washing your hair, advises the hairdresser. Professionals recommend to use anti-residue shampoo once a week, which makes a beautiful cleaning on the scalp.