Many wires scattered around the house, on clothes, in the office or in the car. Hair down the toilet and bare scalp. Unfortunately, what we have just described is a problem that affects many people, but do you know what are the reasons for hair loss?

The early disorder can occur for several reasons and, therefore, attention needs to be redoubled. Throughout the text you will know 6 reasons why the problem happens and what is the best treatment for each case.

The main causes of hair loss

Hair loss affects both men and women, but in females, the extent is more apparent.

First, it is necessary to explain that hair loss is normal. During the 24 hours we lose about 50 to 100 wires. Over the years, with aging, the threads become thinner and more prone to falling. But some factors can trigger the problem earlier.

Next, we will list the most likely causes.

1. Emotional illnesses

Traumatic situations, the rush and stress of everyday life are great potentials for hair loss. Some people develop problems in general and others suffer the loss in the form of small flaws in the scalp.

Despite being a psychological reason, the situation is easier to obtain treatment and it is quite possible that there will also be a regeneration, that is, the birth of the threads.

2. Hormonal changes

When hair loss is temporary, it can mean a change in the hormonal system. Contraceptive use, pregnancy, childbirth or even menopause are responsible for hormonal changes – and hair loss.

3. Chemical products

There are several capillary procedures that weaken the hair, causing it to fall out. Progressive, dyes, relaxation or sealants are the forms that often damage the structure of the threads. The frequent use of flat iron or overuse of the brush and dryer also weakens the hair fiber.

4. Use of medicines

Medicines treat diseases, but they can cause side effects. The use of drugs to treat cancer, depression, arthritis problems or heart disease can cause hair loss.

5. Low nutrient feeding

The more balanced your meals, the richer in nutrients and vitamins. Those who are vegetarian or have some type of food restriction, for example, should pay attention to the diet , as the absence of some nutrients can cause hair loss.

6. Varied diseases

The weakened immune system, infections that reach the scalp, such as mycoses and thyroid problems can also be reasons for hair loss.

Forms of treatment

When you notice that there is an exaggerated and expressive hair loss, see a health professional. You need to start treatment as soon as possible and a dermatologist can find the cause of your problem by investigating your medical history and exams.